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Company History

UAB Enilit was founded in 2009 and today represents a successful high technology company. More than 20 long and short - term contract engineers are involved in development and manufacturing of the remote terminal unit Enilit RTU.

Enilit RTU is developed and manufactured in Kaunas, Lithuania. Our engineers maintain responsibility for our product from initial concept through production, programming and aftermarket support. Highly specialized staff is supervising our production, programming, testing and sales.

Basic historical milestones in Company’s life
We manufacture RTU in our plant located in Kaunas, Lithuania. PCB boards, processor, SSD disc and electronic components are ordered from trusted suppliers. These components are soldered in our production department using the latest lead-free soldering technology. The cover plates with labels and other small accessories are also added. Our manufacturing procedures are carefully documented and controlled, and our products are carefully inspected at each production stept. Quality has always been our top priority and our entire workforce is focused on manufacturing the best products in the market. Each employee is personally responsible for the quality of his work and takes this responsibility very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that the product you receive is built to work perfectly for more than 25 years. In order to monitor production quality, the company has implemented an integrated quality, environmental protection and occupational health & safety management system in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements. You are welcome to download and review the PDF version of our certificate here:
OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2008
Our partners and clients
UAB Elga - is the biggest manufacturer of 0,4-24kV distribution equipment and systems in Lithuania and in the Baltic States.

UAB Ramus Baltic - is an engineering service company offering high quality products and engineering solutions for electrical power generation, transmission and distribution.

UAB "Kauno energetikos remontas" is one of the most experienced Lithuanian companies in the sphere of energetics equipment repairs.

UAB "Tetas" - design, installation and coordination for electrical equipment.


Ramus Baltic

UAB Kauno energetikos remontas

UAB Tetas