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  UAB Enilit
  Veiverių Str. 134-221
  LT-46352, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mobile tel.
  +370 687 71703
  +370 37 291708
  +370 655 53155
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  LT98 7044 0600 0734 5987
  AB SEB bankas
  Bank code 7044
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UAB Enilit draws great emphasis on the level of service we provide to our customers. Delivery of a perfect product is not sufficient. We believe that customer service begins after the delivery and extends throughout the life of the product. We strive for the complete customer satisfaction with application of advice, technical support, upgrades and repair services. Any of our employees are at your disposal as contact partners to provide engineering, technical and service support whenever necessary. We appreciate the fact that you placed your trust in us and endeavour to provide the best quality product and service for You. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail written below and we will support you in every possible way.

Contact for support
Phone: +370 655 53155
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First Power Supply: Redundant Power Supply: RS232/RS485 communication ports: Fiber optic ports: Binary I/O operating voltage: Binary inputs: Binary outputs: Analog inputs:

You need to order following items for your application.Please send a copy to to order Enilit RTU.