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Elektrometal Energetyka S.A.

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Polish company Elektrometal Energetyka S.A. based in Warsaw produces:

- protection relays e²TANGO;

- SCADA system e²YANKEE;

- switchgears e²ALPHA;

- MV vacuum circuit breakers e²BRAVO.

Protection relays e²TANGO

Representing the products of Elektrometal Energetyka SA in Lithuania we mostly supply the protection relays e²TANGO for the Lithuanian market.

e²TANGO is a modern control and monitoring protection relay intended for power protection systems, controlling, measuring, recording and supervising the MV and HV switchgear bays.

e²TANGO protection relay is equipped in complete set of protection and station automatics and can be therefore applied in each kind of bay of various intended use and operation characteristics: incoming, line, transformer, coupler-, capacitor, wind power plants bay and etc.


e²TANGO view



Intuitive e²TANGO protection relay is equipped in fully configurable clear interface, extended configuration, recorders and measurement- functions.


e²TANGO interfeis view


e²TANGO-Studio software intended to operate e²TANGO unit. This software has been equipped in extended set of functions, which are combined with clear graphic interface. Finally it creates great tool which supports every-day work and allows creation of projects for many devices, bays, switchboards and stations.



Download e²TANGO data sheet


Download e²TANGO Studio software



More information about Elektrometal Energetyka S.A. products can be found at


Agmar metal cabinets for the installation of electronic and electric equipment

Established in 1983, AGMAR S.A. is one of the leading providers of metal casing systems in Europe located in Mielec, Poland. Within the current product range, AGMAR S.A. offers its customers complex solutions of metal enclosures designed for telecommunication, power industry, IT and OEM’s manufacturers.


More information about Agmar S.A. production can be found at


Industrial automation HYPERACK cabinet for industrial automation equipment and machines. Flexible configuration and wide range of accessories mean that this cabinet may house relay protection, automation, telecommunication or power distribution equipment. A wide variety of dimensions and mechanical properties make this model one of the best solutions available on the market:


- Protection level up to IP55;

- Welded enclosure’s frame;

- Color RAL 7035;

- Glazed or Solid steel door, used as front or rear,

   hinged on the right or left;

- Door could be vertically divided;

- Swing frame for mounting devices and components of

  equipment in 19” standard;

- Door or swing frame limiter;

- Mounting plate for building up modular apparatus;

- Solid flat roof;

- Solid metal sheet bottom;

- Screw-fastened side walls;

- Plinth 100mm or 200mm height, color RAL 7035

   or RAL 9005.





Free standing 19” cabinet – ABL series are universal self –assembly indoor enclosures for telecommunication and IT solutions. Light and screw-fastened construction is characterized by quick and easy assembly. Assembling of cabinet takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes. ABL cabinets are the perfect compromise between price and functionality.


Industrial AG type enclosure are adapted to hanging on the wall due to holders. AG type enclosures is basically used for indoor applications. The enclosure is made of steel sheet and powder-painted. Internal construction is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. Protection rate of enclosure is IP55 and color RAL 7035.


Each enclosure is equipped with:

- Enclosure corpus;

- Solid steel door;

- Panel bottom cover for cable inlets;

- Mounting plate;

- Locks with the set of keys.


Optical Fiber Splice boxes PSP 141, PSP 14, PSP 15 and PSP 16 are designed for installation in standard 19” rack. Optical fiber make possible for accumulating store of cables and assembly of optical cassettes. Equipped in the replaceable system fix cassettes and system of protection before shoving and rotation of the cassette. It make possible to end of cables and it distribution through replaceable front plates and cable entry.

Outdoor enclosures SZM  are adapted to hanging on the wall due to holders. Cabinet body is welded aluminum, monoblock type, equipped with solid front door with bolt locking system. Front aluminum door solid, equipped with bolt locking system. Roof plate shed with tilt angle 5 degrees, slightly bigger than the enclosure in order to protect from rain water. Mounting plate mounted inside the enclosure, made of hot galvanized sheet steel. Protection rate of enclosure is IP55 and color RAL7035.


Outdoor cabinets HB2 with welded aluminum frame, are intended for use in high voltage substations (110kV, 330kV and others). Ground mounting outdoor cabinets house auxiliary wiring for field CTs and CVTs of HV switching stations, output wiring of isolating switches and circuit breakers, as well as controlling and safety devices. Thanks to their structural features, the cabinets can also be used to enclosure adjustment and controlling devices located outside substation premises.


Concrete basement is built of five concrete elements that are fastened with two screws sideways. Its construction enables to insert wires from four directions of the cable canal. From the foundation top there are four screws inserted which are used to mount the cabinet on it.





SPS-Standard busbars

Flexible and rigid connection options for switchgear construction by SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle group


SPS logo


The longstanding success and broad spectrum of the Isoflexx® product group ensures a perfect solution for any application, while the outstanding technical properties of the Ultraflexx® connectors continue to drive their ever-growing popularity. Many customers see these products as being among the most important innovations in the area of switchgear construction in recent years.

The welded connections of the grounding braids ensure durable ground connections with minimum impedance. Together with copper and CoppAl® bars, a full range of support insulators and the many possible combinations of different busbar supports permit the creation of busbar systems for any type of switch cabinet. The copper-clad aluminum CoppAl® bars combine the benefits of copper and aluminum, offering an attractively priced alternative to expensive copper bars. The program is rounded off by a range of tools and useful accessories.

SPS standard products comply with the relevant international standards and are subject to constant quality control. SPS standard products are part and parcel of quality switchgear production - developed in the heart of Germany for the world market.











More information about SPS Standard busbars can be found at

MICROSYS, spol. S. r. o.

Visualization and control software Promotic SCADA

MICROSYS, spol. S. r. o. is a Czech company established in the city of Ostrava. The main product of the company is PROMOTIC SCADA software used for visualization and control of technological processes in a wide spectrum of industrial segments. The PROMOTIC system is a popular software tool that is being developed and distributed since 1991.

PROMOTIC is a complex SCADA object software tool for creating applications that monitor, control and display technological processes in various industrial areas including power engineering (heat and water power stations, switching stations, co-generation, etc.), measuring and regulation of energy consumption (electric power, heat, gas, water), heating plants (exchange stations, boiler plants), chemical industry, manufacturing industry, etc. This type of software is also commonly used for the management and control of technologies in ‘intelligent houses’ and buildings.


More information about PROMOTIC SCADA software can be found at

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Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA