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Promotic SCADA software
Visualization and control software Promotic SCADA

MICROSYS, spol. S.r.o. Czech company is located in the city of Ostrava. The main product of the company is PROMOTIC SCADA software.

The PROMOTIC system is a software tool used for visualization and control of technological processes in a wide spectrum of industrial branches. This type of software is also commonly used for management and control of technologies in "intelligent houses" and buildings. The PROMOTIC system is a popular and affordable software tool that is being developed and distributed since 1991.

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Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA

Promotic SCADA
AGMAR cabinets
Metal cabinets for installation of electronic and electrical equipment

AGMAR S.A. is one of the leading providers of metal casing systems in Europe. From the initiation of Agmar in 1983 they have been a company with 100% private polish capital. The Agmar S.A. is situated in the Special Economical Zone in Euro-Park Mielec and employs about 200 persons. For about 30 years AGMAR S.A. has taken care of traditions consisting of the delivery of innovative products with the highest quality of workmanship. The main task of Technical Section is always to find perfect solutions and also to fulfill all of our customer’s expectations. AGMAR S.A. offers the complex solutions and services facilitating the integration of various systems in one type of cabinet, which has positive influence on the general cost and time of the realization of the project. These solutions are well-fitting for every customer. They not only make it helpful on every level of investment but also help to complete complex technical service. We are responsible for the stability, safety and quality of the systems we provide for every company, every day.

Range of our activity:
  • Delivery of the cabinets
  • Integration of mechanical units
  • Integration of the units which assure correct environmental conditions
  • Integration of the safety units
  • Integration of proper devices
  • Placement of projects
  • Starting of the system
  • Service of the system
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More information about Agmar S.A. production can be found at

SPS-Standard busbars

SPS-Standard - Produkte Schwanenmühle especially produces and sells insulated, laminated busbars.