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Automation Products

All automation products are designed and manufactured in EU.

Our Production

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Highly configurable and capable RTUs, that are built following the required specifications of our clients. Two different frame sizes, extension capability, and modular design allow us to install the required number of modules for every automation solution.

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OPC Server

Open Platform Communications (OPC) software makes data transferring and storage simple, safe, and reliable. Enilit OPC server supports all of the most widely used protocols in the automation industry.

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Configuration and Management Software (CMS)

Unique and user-friendly configuration and management software saves your time spent on projects. Make configuration processes simple and straightforward – no reboot, no special cables, no additional software. All configuration takes effect online.

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Partner Products

Protection relays e²TANGO from Elektrometal Energetyka S.A.

Visualization and control software Promotic SCADA from MICROSYS, spol. S. r. o.

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