Company History and Automation Equipment Manufacturing

About Us

Company History

Enilit is a private limited company founded in 2009 and located in Kaunas, the second-largest city of Lithuania. The company designs and manufactures high-end automation systems, as well as stand-alone automation products for complex automation projects.

During the decade of dynamic business in the local and international markets, Enilit has gained extensive experience in providing custom automation solutions even for the most challenging projects.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Since April 2012, when the company has installed its first Remote Terminal Unit in the substation in Klaipėda MT GD 227, the largest power supply enterprises and industrial monoliths in Lithuania, like UAB Vilniaus Energija, AB ESO, AB LITGRID, and AB Achema, have used Enilit products for the automation projects of their substations.

Moreover, advanced technical features, simple and user-friendly design, strong focus on the individual needs of clients, and transparent marketing policy have resulted in an ever-increasing number of returning clients.

Trusted World-Wide

In recent years, Enilit has been successfully exporting its production world-wide. Companies in Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Thailand, India, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have expressed their preferences for Enilit products and set long-lasting partnerships for future projects.

Ready to Help Team

More than 20 highly experienced engineers are involved in the development and manufacturing of the Enilit automation products, including the Remote Terminal Units with the unique and user-friendly configuration and management software – CMS. All products are continuously improved to meet the latest industry standards.

Enilit engineers maintain the responsibility for their products from the initial concept throughout the production, programming, and aftermarket support. Highly specialized staff is supervising production, programming, testing, and sales.

Enilit clients have emphasized the value of the support Enilit provides at any given time when a question arises, and the quality of specialized practical training seminars for integrators and service providers of substation plants.

Monitored Production and Tested Quality

All manufacturing takes place in a plant located in Kaunas, Lithuania. For production, required materials, as well as premade electronic components, are delivered by reliable suppliers. Small electronic components are soldered in the production department using the latest lead-free soldering technology. Prepared components are then assembled into ready to be used products.

Enilit manufacturing procedures are strictly documented and controlled, while all the products are closely inspected at each of the production steps. Quality has always been the top priority, and the entire workforce is focused on manufacturing the highest quality products possible.

The company aims to ensure that the products their clients receive will work reliably for more than 25 years.

To monitor production quality, Enilit has implemented an integrated quality, environmental protection, and occupational health & safety management system following the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018.