Enilit CMS Release Notes - Enilit

Enilit CMS Release Notes

Enilit 4.0.6365.20119

System log archive extended from 10 MB to 100MB history file.

Enilit 4.0.6161.10505

In Enilit PM don’t allow to delete active project if Enilit CMS is running.

In Enilit PM after project import will be asked if new project needs to be started.

Extended Enilit logical functions.

Enilit 4.0.6129.10430

In IEC101 IEC104 protocol added new function “No interrogation”. Time synchronization command is send only when no Interrogation is ongoing.

Additional functions to check Tag history file in use.

Extended Tag history file’s date to ~ 100 year history.

Enilit 4.0.6120.1216

IEC61850 Client protocol, extended logging for reportID.

Enilit 4.0.6108.826

Modbus protocol, extended float point subtypes.

Enilit 4.0.6065.710

Added Analog Output (AO) board.

Added Power Supply PS-51 board.

New protocol, DCON slave master functions.

Enilit 4.0.6027.416

Additional parameter for IEC103 master, logging error “Log Unknown Type Identification”.

New protocol, Syslog functions.